Friday, August 1, 2014

Well, I totally admit I am a slacker.  :)  Here it is August already and I STILL haven't gotten any pics up.   ok I will put batteries in the cam this weekend.  WHy?  beause I really do need to get these ideas out of my head and somewhere I can refer to them.  ALso I have several interested people that want to see what I have accomplished.  For 2014 so far I have completed several kumijimo cords, a knitted/ felt bag, cleaned a bunch of wool and alpaca, and oh yeah the biggest pat of the year was getting rid of the VAST majority of my stuff (Sadly to include my 4F project)  and Moved to a completely different corner of the country.

That was a ery stressful part of my life, I will not lie about that.  and doing that with ME made it even more interesting.  We are moved, unpacked to a livable degree and are working at our respective jobs.  Next step?  get a raise.  lol that way we can afford to go more places.  oh and get hired on permanently with the company so I don't have to watch the calendar for April. (1 yr contract).

As or my medieval arts and modern crafts, I have started spinning again and finished a neat little skein of merino wool in peach, white and green. I then navajo plied it on itself varying the chain loops to keep the colors/ transitions with themselves.  I think it turned out pretty good.  It started out as my go to event random color spinning project.  where I would just grab a section of color and spin it for a bit and when it got close to running out I would grab another color.  as I wrapped it on my spindle I noticed I ahad started to wrap the colors individually and had naturally started working up and down the shaft so the transitions followed the Pattern "Peach, white, peach, grean, peach, white, peach green."  lol can you tell what had the most fiber?  lol  I cant wait to figure out what to make with it.  it has a lovely sock weight to it and is so soft.

I am also working on a tablet weaving pattern. (grumble grumble grumble)  it isn't one of my own, and I am having trouble concentrating long enough at one time to really figure out how it was started.  I have seen people start in different places and I don't recall this person indicating where the A-B line was in relation to the beginning of the weave.

My roommate got some killer fabric and wants a couple of fighting shirts and eventually I need to stop wearing my under gowns by themselves.  lol I have the cutest tan an white plaid that I want to use for an over dress.  I had made my beloved a tunic out of my tan that was supposed to go with it, but as it turns out we both have a green under tunic so we will coordinate without doing that whole tourist matching Hawaiian shirt thing.  <shudder>

Mundane wise I get to do hand work at work between calls when it is slow so I have started crocheting 4" squares to make a checky skirt for work.  when it is done I plan to play with some Jacquard dyes.  I hope to have the skirt done before Christmas

Next up on the list is to get cracking on the measurements for yardage.  I need to do some of that nasty stuff called math to figure out how much fabric is oing to need to be woven next year and how much yarn needs to be spun for it.  oh yeah I am crazy  I am only giving myself another 5 years.  mundane life got in the way of my original goal of having a reproduction Eura Dress made from fleece to fabulous by 50th anniversay.  oh well it will give me more time to do more research.
Well Tomorrow is going to be another long day, so it is time to hit the hay.  oh !  and a big shout out to Kesha Butler!  nd long distance friend from the company I work with.  She has an interest in all of this and I can't wait to introduce her to some awesome people on the East Coast.

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